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ONC-ACB Certification ID: | Certification Date: Nov 11, 2019

CMS has made changes to how Evaluation and Management Codes will be calculated beginning Jan 1, 2021. E/M codes will now have the option to ignore History (HPI, ROS, History) and Exam as part of the visit calculation. This shift allows providers to focus more on pertinent clinical documentation and less on data entry. In place of the data requirements from the past, E/M 2021 focusses on Medical Decision Making and Time Spent. This means there are no changes required for templates in 2021 E/M coding.

Criterions EHR will be Updated to Accommodate E/M 2021 Changes

For 2021, the Criterions EHR is updating the Medical Decision Making calculation to the 2021 standard as well as providing options to select how much time was spent during the visit. The E/M page for Medicare patients will be redesigned to allow providers to use the various methods of calculation.

Enabling these options will be available in the Practice Defaults, allowing for activating the 2021 E/M calculation for Medicare only, or switch to all carriers as others accept the changing rules.

More information regarding E/M 2021 can be found from CMS here.

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