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Upcoming Feature Limitations in TCMS

Effective March 31st 2019, TCMS users will NOT be able to perform EDI functions.  You will need to use our Browser interface to perform any EDI functions (ex: claim submission, ERA or eligibility).

As part of our aggressive path towards best practices, performance, redundancy and security we must enable additional security protocols and ciphers to further protect and insulate PHI and as recommended by HIPAA.

Once enabled, the following features will not work in TCMS:

  1. ALL EMC/EDI features like:
    • creating claims
    • sending a file
    • retrieving reports
  2. Retrieving ERN files
  3. Eligibility Submission and result processing will not work
  4. Creating e-Track

Criterions is required to use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and TLS 1.2.

The executable version of TCMS cannot support these encryption protocols and ciphers

These requirements come from HHS, https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/breach-notification/guidance/index.html

As per NIST requirements for HIPAA http://dx.doi.org/10.6028/NIST.SP.800-52r1

Browser access, cloud or self-hosted, has always supported these.

Sample article on HIPAA requirements:



If you believe your office will be adversely affected please contact Criterions using the form below:

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