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What is a Patient Portal and How Does It Help Medical Practices?

A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can view health information.

Following the introduction of electronic health records (EHR) software, patient portals have become increasingly popular in healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties. Did you know  68% of patients in America say they’re more likely to choose a medical provider that offers the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online?

Patient Portals improve the quality of care provided while enabling greater communication between physicians and their patients. It helps encourage better physician-patient relationships and give patients more control over their treatment. For example, they can check lab results, request prescription refills, update insurance and other contact information, manage unpaid balances, and more.

60% of healthcare professionals in America say online appointment booking platforms encourage patients to keep their appointments. This is aided by online booking systems sending out automatic reminders to the patient. Those automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows by over 29%. That means generating more revenue for your practice!


Criterions Patient Portal Key Capabilities Include:

  • Schedule Appointments Online

  • Easy Access to Health Information 

  • View Bills and Make Payments Online

  • Update Patient Medical History

  • Check Refills and Prescription Requests 

  • Fill Out Pre-Vsit Questionnaires and Consent Forms

  • Patients Can Send Message to Healthcare Provider 


Click here for more information on how Criterions Patient Portal not only benefits your patients, but also can lessen the workload for your staff. If you have any questions or would like a demo of the Patient Portal,  please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly!


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