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Criterions has various features and automation tools in the EHR that can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and assist with understaffing issues at any medical practice. They also help to enhance health outcomes and increase provider and patient satisfaction.

If you’re not familiar with these automation tools and features, here is a list of what’s currently available in the Criterions EHR that you can start using today:

Order Sets combine several items to make an order entry convenient and efficient. 

They can be as small as two items together, such as a test and test prep, or you can group more comprehensive items together like follow-up orders, recalls, and medication instructions. 

Clinical Decision Support  is a crucial function of health information technology.

When applied effectively, CDS increases the quality of care and helps avoid errors and adverse events such as improving efficiency and reducing costs. It enhances health outcomes, and it helps to increase provider and patient satisfaction.

Health Maintenance emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention rather than the management of symptoms and illness.

It includes the full array of counseling, screening, and other preventive services designed to minimize the risk of sudden sickness and death and to assure optimal physical, mental, and emotional health throughout the natural life cycle.

Plan Macro is a Predictive Analytic tool that assists the Physician during treatment. Plan Macros track the Physician's most frequently used treatment plans for a particular diagnosis

A Plan Macro learns the Physician’s top number of repeated plan items frequently used, so when the same diagnosis is added to a different patient’s plan, all those treatment items will appear as a list.

Record Visit Macro tool works by recording what has been added to the visit, which can be applied to other patients.

Copy Visit Forward feature enables you to quickly document a new exam by duplicating a patient's prior exam. This cuts exam clicks, taps, and swipes in half by allowing you to pull historical data into a new exam.


For more information on the above tools or to start using them today, please register for the Customer Online Resource Center for online documentation or email support@criterions.com

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