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If you are using paper records to manage your practice, it may be time to consider transitioning to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. While cutting down on paper usage will help save trees and reduce clutter in your office, there are many other benefits that will increase productivity in your practice.

Just imagine a world where you are able to fax a lengthy HIPAA chart instead of printing it out and feeding it into a fax machine!

Criterions EHR software offers different functionalities that will allow your practice to use less paper while saving you time and money. Here are 4 features that will benefit your practice when transitioning from paper records to EHR:


The E-Faxing feature works with a third-party fax company to allow practices to not only fax charts, letters, and referrals directly from the software, but to also receive faxes electronically in the software. This reduces the need to utilize a fax machine, and as a result, your practice benefits by saving on the usage (and cost!) of paper. Faxes received in the software can be moved directly to a patient’s chart, and through the use of queues, will alert users who need to be notified when a fax is received. This eliminates the need for producing patient charts on paper.

Lab Interfaces

The Criterions EHR software integrates with most labs to allow users to send orders and receive results electronically. Orders will be sent directly to the lab, eliminating the need for offices to print requisition forms for patients. Results will go directly into the patient’s chart which will reduce the need to print from a separate lab software or receiving the results via fax. In addition, your practice will save time as there will be no need to scan results into the software.

Consent App

The Consent App (available on Android devices) will help reduce the use of paper sign-in sheets, HIPAA documents, and financial agreements, along with any other forms needed to grant consent from a patient. Once the patient arrives at your office, they will be able to enter their identifying information, sign in, and review and sign any forms required by the practice through the use of a tablet. The benefit of transitioning from paper documents to EHR software will not only increase productivity at your practice, but also improve the experience for your patients.

Patient Portal

Criterions Patient Portal allows patients access to their information online. Patients will have the ability to edit their demographic information, add their preferred pharmacy, and see upcoming appointments. Practices can also allow patients to see their visit summaries securely in the Patient Portal. This will benefit your practice by saving office administrators the time it would otherwise take to print summaries at a patient’s request.

Criterions EHR software provides many features that will benefit your practice when transitioning from paper records to EHR. For more information on the Criterions software or any of the features mentioned in this post, please feel free to contact us using the form below:

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