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If you are a provider that sells supplies or other products to your patients, you know that keeping track of inventory is important to your bottom line. It is crucial to have an accurate count of your inventory so that you are able to provide patients with the correct resources for treatment, however, manually tracking inventory can be a hassle.

With an inventory tracking solution that integrates with your EHR software, your practice will see increases in efficiency and patient satisfaction. Here are 3 key benefits of an integrated inventory tracking solution:


1. Increase Efficiency for Administrative Staff

      • Your Admin team can easily set products and add stock to system to ensure an accurate inventory profile.
      • Office staff can quickly locate previous orders in the system to offer patients products and solutions that are right for them.
      • By having an accurate view of available inventory at the counter, opportunities for additional sales will increase.

2. Easily Track All Products Sold

      • You can easily track a variety of inventory including DME, medications, and over the counter products.
      • As you sell products, your inventory will reflect the current supply on hand. This will help you manage inventory levels.
      • You will be able to see comprehensive tracking of items prescribed during a visit.

3. Avoid Running Low on Inventory

      • By tracking all inventory, you will be able to see which products or supplies you may need to replenish. This helps increase visibility of current stock.
      • Gain insights on inventory by analyzing reports available through your software.

By integrating your inventory tracking with your EHR software, your practice can increase sales, easily track products sold, and avoid running low on product. To learn more about the benefits of an integrated inventory tracking solution, contact us buy completing the form below!

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