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Trizetto and Criterions Partner to Provide Credentialing Services

Criterions has proudly partnered with TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS), a Cognizant Company, for their industry leading innovation in revenue cycle management products and solutions. With the right people, solutions and business process services in place, our partnership helps organizations run more efficiently by realizing new levels of performance and functionality. Together we empower confident billing, faster payments and more informed decisions.

Our partnership is pleased to announce that Criterions users can now take advantage of Credentialing services with TPS. With customers’ needs in mind, TPS sought to develop the client-facing Pulse Portal, designed to streamline the payer enrollment process and provide complete transparency along the way. Whether your practice needs to gain or maintain enrollments, let the experts at TPS navigate the complex process for you with end-to-end credentialing service.

The Solution: Credentialing Services

Simplify a complex process with help from the experts!

With the current healthcare landscape bringing questions about regulations, credentialing processes, and staffing needs, you need someone you can count on to help you navigate the credentialing process. Our trusted partner, TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant Company, can handle the heavy lifting for you!

Whether your practice needs to gain or maintain enrollments, let them tackle the elephant in the room with an end-to-end credentialing service. With their TPS Pulse Portal, you’ll experience an automated, intuitive platform that combines their expertise with a system that remedies the inefficiencies that arise in the credentialing process.

Providing complete transparency into completed and outstanding payer enrollment applications, Pulse, a secure HIPAA compliant portal, acts as a single source data repository to safely store all licenses and certifications so that you’ll never lose a document again.

Using a guided flow, practices can easily input all the required credentialing information, step-by-step. The credentialing experts ensure that your enrollments are seen to completion, and that all follow up work is done swiftly and thoroughly. Automated task notifications and alerts prevent things like ink signatures, updated demographics and re-credentialing dates from falling through the cracks. ​​

Learn more about the Pulse Credentialing Portal

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How much could you be saving?


When it comes to credentialing, time is money. Studies show that a non-credentialed doctor could be losing approximately $6,600 a day. Multiply that by the total amount of physicians in a given practice, and the potential losses are staggering.

Do you know how much it really costs to manage credentialing in house? Click below to see how much you can save.

Access the Pulse Credentialing Portal

If you are interested in learning more about the Pulse Credentialing Portal and how TriZetto can benefit your practice, complete the form and a TriZetto expert will be in touch:


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