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LogicNets and Criterions have joined forces to provide a solution for you to meet the AUC validation requirements under PAMA. The LogicNets AUC Solution is a cloud service that lets you easily confirm that an advanced imaging order for Medicare/Medicaid patients is appropriate based on your patient scenario. When done, it generates the new reimbursement codes CMS now requires with your imaging orders.

Why is AUC a Requirement?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) currently require all providers to use a Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (“CDSM”) to electronically validate advanced imaging orders using approved online guidelines. On January 1, 2021 imaging centers will not be reimbursed for orders that do not include this information and so it is vital that ordering physicians be able to perform the validation without impacting their workflow.

About the LogicNets AUC Solution

The LogicNets AUC Solution is an affordable and secure online service for rapidly evaluating a patient scenario and either validating that an order is appropriate or recommending appropriate alternatives. The solution draws on CMS-qualified guidelines developed by Intermountain Healthcare. It can run in the background when integrated with an EHR and automatically switches to an interactive visual mode to collect clinical information from you to complete the validation. The solution provides a unique visual diagnostic pathways view of the guidance, making it easy for you to indicate key factors and be aware of and evaluate alternative approaches if necessary.

How to Get the Service

In order to get the AUC Solution, simply go to LogicNets.com/AUC. You can read more about the solution there and you can gain access to the service by clicking on the “Sign Up” button. Be sure to enter “Criterions” in the space for additional information to indicate that you will be using the service in conjunction with Criterions software. Once you have filled in your basic information, LogicNets will create an account for you and contact you with instructions on how to access.

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