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Unlock the full potential of your medical practice with Criterions' Electronic Health Record and Practice Management software. Our suite of products are packed with tools and unique features designed to automate medical practice tasks in Criterions EHR and Practice Management Software. This advanced software promotes enhanced health outcomes, amplifying both provider and patient satisfaction.

Let's dive into our tools and tips for automating administrative tasks in Criterions:

Text appointment confirmations and reminders ensure efficient communication between the patient and the practice administrators, reducing no-shows and improving appointment adherence, ultimately enhancing overall clinic productivity and patient satisfaction.

Criterions Patient Portal allows patients’ 24-hour access to their personal health information, make payments on their own, the ability to complete consent forms before their appointment, and update their personal information with ease. Our Patient Portal empowers patients with convenient self-service capabilities, putting control of their health journey at their fingertips. Visit our Patient Portal page for more information.

Our Order Sets tool efficiently merges multiple items, making order entry a breeze. This feature allows small pairings like tests and test preps, or wider comprehensive groupings, including follow-ups, recalls, and medication instructions.

Experience the power of Clinical Decision Support (CDS), a core feature of our health information technology. This potent tool aids in improving care quality by preventing errors and adverse events, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Its purpose revolves around enhancing health outcomes and fostering provider and patient satisfaction.

Our Health Maintenance feature's primary focus is on health promotion and disease prevention rather than symptom management and illness. It encompasses comprehensive counseling, screening, and other preventative services devised to minimize sudden sickness risk and ensure optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.

Plan Macro, our Predictive Analytic tool, supports Physicians during treatment. This feature learns and tracks the Physician's most frequently used treatment plans for a particular diagnosis, presenting all treatment items as a list when the same diagnosis is added to a different patient's plan.

The Record Visit Macro tool takes note of added visits, replicating them for other patients. Similarly, our Copy Visit Forward feature empowers you to swiftly document a new examination by duplicating a patient's prior exam, reducing the need for repetitive clicks, taps, and swipes by integrating historical data into new examinations.

In capitalizing on Criterions' EHR and Practice Management software, you're not just investing in efficiency. You're paving the way for future growth, maintaining your competitive edge, and redefining the practice of medicine.




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