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The Basics of Direct Messaging with Criterions EHR


Direct Messaging allows for communication across disparate platforms. Nationally renowned professionals and organizations have recommended the usage of Direct because it is safe, simple to use, and reasonably priced. A doctor who uses Epic EHR, for example, could send a Direct Message to a doctor using Criterions EHR and the Direct Message would be received within Criterions EHR. The process would work the same in reverse. Direct messaging utilizes identity-proofing to ensure messages are only accessible to the intended recipient per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protection regulations.

You will need to obtain a Direct address to send and receive health-related direct secure messages.  Direct addresses resemble email addresses in appearance and can be assigned to certain people, groups, departments, or devices. For example, “drabc@abcmedical.clinic.org” serves as a Direct address. It's important to understand that while this may appear and work like an email address, standard email accounts (like gmail, yahoo mail, or your company's email) are NOT Direct addresses. Traditional email accounts do not comply with the security requirements for Direct, thus messages sent to or from those accounts will not send over Direct. You or your coworkers may have a unique Direct address, just like you may have separate fax numbers for each of your office connections. You will need to consult available resources to find the Direct addresses of those with whom you generally correspond to use it.

Also, several incentive payment program requirements include the need to transmit C-CDA type documents with other providers. Direct exchange of a C-CDA may help you meet incentive payment measures.

How can you obtain a Direct address?

Criterions has partnered with EMRDirect which can assign you a Direct Address. There’s a small fee for participation which the Criterions Support team can assist you once you fill out the contact form below.

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