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As we move forward in the interconnected healthcare space, phone calls between pharmacies and physicians are becoming a thing of the past. The tools you have today in your Criterions EHR system are sometimes overlooked but can be impactful to your practice workflow and patient care. Read below for more information about how to view the status of a script and the ability to make alterations to existing scripts which are available in your EHR system today!

Canceling a Prescription

You see a patient, assess their condition, and send off three prescriptions to the pharmacy. Later, lab results come in, and upon review you determine that one of the prescriptions is no longer valid and should be canceled. In the past this involved a phone call to the pharmacy and coordinating records. There is a better way. Your Criterions EHR has a Cancel Rx button. This allows you to send a cancel request from your system for the specific medication you would like to cancel. The pharmacy is notified, your records are updated, and the prescription is cancelled.


Change Requests From the Pharmacy

A patient arrives, and you determine they need a statin. You prescribe Lipitor and move on with your day. While trying to fill the prescription the pharmacist determines that the patient’s insurance won’t cover the brand name version. Pick up the phone again and call the practice? Not anymore. The pharmacist sends a ‘Change Request” to the practice where the doctor can see the requested change, approve, replace, or deny the change.


Rx Fill Notification

You prescribe a medication to control a patient’s blood pressure. The patient is scheduled for a follow-up visit in 1 month. A month later the patient returns, and their blood pressure has not improved, and upon inquiry you discover that the patient never filled the script! In the Criterions EHR system, you’ll know long before the patient returns if they’ve filled their script or not. When a pharmacy fills a prescription, they update that script in the national database. In the patient’s medication list, there is a link to Rx Fill which will update the patient’s medications with the fill records, notifying you to the status of the patient’s prescription.



These new tools help ensure that you have the information you need to manage your patient’s care as effectively, and efficiently, as possible.

If you would like more information on these features or would like to be shown how to use them, please email SUPPORT HERE and we'll be in touch shortly. 


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