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The ability for patients to access their medical records on their smart devices at anytime has become the norm after the 21st Century Cures Act was passed in 2016. For years, there was a concern of patients being able to view their results prior to the ordering clinician, leading to the possibility of putting the patient in distress if their results were abnormal.

A recent study published in the JAMA Network, an open access medical journal created by the American Medical Association, had 8,000 patients that accessed their test results in an online portal and found that more than 95% wanted to continue to receive their results via a patient portal, no matter if those results were normal or abnormal.

If you’re a medical care provider and believe the provider-patient relationship is of the utmost importance, implementing an online patient portal at your practice is a great benefit for you and your patients. At Criterions, we provide our customers with the necessary tools to build those relationships with your patients, with the Criterions Patient Portal at the top of the list.


Criterions Patient Portal features and benefits include:

  • Online patient scheduler: Patient’s can schedule their own appointments online versus calling the office to do so, saving your staff time with phone calls and voicemails. This also optimizes your calendar capacity at your practice by showing patients real-time availability.
  • Online payments: Patients have the ability to pay their bills in the patient portal, providing them an additional convenient payment option.
  • Patient insurance information & demographics: Patients can input or update their insurance and personal information prior to their visit, saving time with the check-in and check-out process.
  • Prescription and Pharmacy Information: If ordering your patients any medication, they have the option of providing pharmacy information and checking the status of their prescription order on their own time.
  • Patient Medical Profile display: Patients can easily and quickly access test results, view their visit summary, check their medications, and more. This gives complete healthcare tranparency between you and your patient.
  • Direct Messaging patients: Send your patient’s direct messages within the portal of important practice updates and information, send appointment reminders, and verify information prior to their visit.
  • Patient pre-visit documentation: You can send your patients pre-visit documents like consent forms and questionnaires before they step foot in your office. Your patients will spend less time in your waiting room and more time with their provider!


The Criterions online Patient Portal gives your patients instant access to their medical records, provides your patients autonomy and transparency over their health information, reduces your staff’s workload to focus on tasks that help increase office efficiency, and gives your patients an another payment option to increase revenue.



If you would like to implement the Criterions Patient Portal at your practice, please contact our Sales Department at Sales@criterions.com or fill out the form below to get started.



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