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What is a Lab Interface?

When a practice uses an EHR (like Criterions Software), a lab interface is the piece of software that allows one system to talk to another system.

One of the most integral elements of a clinical practice is the use of laboratory encounters for diagnostic and monitoring purposes. Ask any healthcare professional what they need in an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, and you’ll find that lab interfaces come highest on the list.

When laboratory orders are needed as part of a clinical visit, there are several steps in the process from the moment the orders are deemed necessary to the point that the result appears in the patient’s medical record.

Criterions Software has an ever-increasing list of Labs, Imaging Groups, and Public Health organizations to which you can connect your Criterions EHR.

Benefits of a Lab Integration with your EHR system includes:

  • Reduce staff workload
  • Decreased paper
  • Orders are sent electronically to labs
  • Ensure tracking of orders and results
  • Automatic receipt of results
  • Results are automatically filed in ordering provider’s queue
  • Results become data points
  • Results with Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) are automatically calculated with applicable MIPS measures

LOINC applies universal code names and identifiers to medical terminology related to electronic health records. The purpose is to assist in the electronic exchange and gathering of clinical results (such as laboratory tests, clinical observations, outcomes management, and research).


Did you know the lab clearing house may sponsor the interface for your practice (depending on lab volume)? Check with your local lab representative to verify. 


Please first reach out to your lab representative and to let them know you would like to establish an interface with Criterions EHR. Then, have them reach out to Criterions by emailing labs@criterions.com.


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