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Use the checklist below to ensure you are staying on track for the best MIPS reporting possible. Be sure to review your MIPS numbers monthly. For more information, please review the MIPS criteria found here.

  • Check Promoting Interoperability - Ensure you are meeting measure thresholds.  For all measures, higher percentages are better.


  • Check Clinical Quality Measures MU3 - Most measures, with the exception of 122v7 and 156v7, seek the highest percentage of patients meeting the measure. Measures 122v7 and 156v7 seek the lowest percentage of patients.


  • Document Improvement Activities - If changes or work have been done to meet the criteria of an improvement activity, document the work in case of an audit.


  • Complete Security Risk Assessment (if not previously completed) - The Security Risk Assessment must be completed at least once during the reporting period. If the report has not been completed, begin documentation.

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