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As we adapt to a socially distanced world, Criterions is working to help practices maintain a safe environment to treat patients. The days of patients sitting in a waiting room, passing around tablets or picking up pens and clipboards may now be a thing of the past.

How can practices gather the information they need from patients for effective medical treatment while contact is limited to the minimal amount necessary?

Criterions EHR has an available patient portal that allows patients to document information while at home. The capabilities of this portal are currently being expanded to cover more of the intake process and reduce a patient’s time in the office. To achieve these goals, Criterions is working on the following new function for patients to populate information at home:

Consent Forms

One hurdle many practices are facing is how to capture consent forms from the patient from home. Our new solution will allow practices to assign consent forms (HIPAA Waivers, Agreements to Pay, etc.) to the patient to be signed though the portal. Signed or declined forms will be filed in the patient’s documents.

Additional Initiatives

We are also working on a few other initiatives including:
- Scanning and uploading driver’s license/insurance
- Custom questionnaires for your patients
- Text messaging to check in

We would love feedback from our current customers on these initiatives. If you would like to participate in a survey to help us learn how to best implement these new functionalities to benefit your practice, please reach out to Mark Greenleaf at mark.greenleaf@criterions.com.

Any questions or concerns? Contact us below:

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