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Perhaps the greatest hurdle to adopting new Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) technologies is the fear of being locked into a system that doesn’t serve your organization’s needs. The fear of investing resources, effort and time, only to find that a solution doesn’t work as planned prevents many organizations from updating their systems for too long. Additionally, practices are often worried about the loss of productivity when transitioning to a new software due to the difficulty of learning the nuances of a new system.

Over the past 30 years, Criterions has worked to design products that grow with your practice and can be retailored over time to meet evolving needs. The Criterions EHR software system helps providers configure a solution that works for them based on the current needs of their practices.

Do you find yourself faced with any of the following concerns?

  • I want to keep handwriting parts of a note, but have my staff enter other parts
  • I want to switch from dictation to templates
  • I am planning to expand services that require new specialties that work in different ways
  • I want a scribe to enter information so I can interact with the patient

Criterions EHR software can create solutions to all these concerns and more. By configuring the system per user, we allow individuals to interact with the software in different ways. Staff can log in to enter histories and vitals through data templates, while a provider can incorporate handwriting capture throughout components of a patient’s visit, including handwriting on a digital copy of an existing paper form. Switching from one method to another can be done in phases, using multiple options of dictation, typing, handwriting and templates within one visit. The flexibility in documentation isn’t limited to users but can also vary from patient to patient.

Unlike other systems, our software does not lock you into one workflow. You will never be “stuck” into one configuration of the EHR software. We understand that the needs of your practice today may change tomorrow, and our software is ready to change with you.

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