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Please update to TCMS version 4.9.3 as soon as possible. There are many enhancements, additional security provisions and some bug fixes for minor issues.

If you need any assistance or have any questions on how to update, please call us.

What’s included; enhancements to Patient Receipts, the Payment Analysis report, Workers Comp forms, Favorites in the Documents Tab, Eligibility checking on secondary and tertiary insurance carriers, Closing report, Referral Source report, and New HP1 forms.

Minor tweaks to: internal NDC tables, Referral Source report, the Fax Queue, No Fault batch management, Workers Comp Case management, reported allowed amounts of self pay payments, ERN posting, Debits display in ledger history, adding write-off reasons, auto-write-offs on zero-payments, Payment Analysis report, and the patient balance display in the Patient Search screen.

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