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How to Get the Most Out of Your Data

How to Get the Most Out of Your Data

Choosing a Practice Management System (PMS) with the right reporting tools for your needs is essential to running an efficient practice. Trying to sort through a mountain of data can be daunting if your information is not being presented in a clear and concise way.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

• How well is my practice performing?
• Are there any areas that need improvement?
• Are we leaving money on the table?
• How do I make sure nothing is falling through the cracks?
• How do I get the most out of my data?

The Criterions PMS software provides a wide array of financial and clinical reporting tools to help practices get the most out of their data. Over the last 30 years, we have implemented many reporting features to address the needs of our clients, and we continue to evolve our software to match today’s fast paced world.

Users can select from any of our built-in reports including payment reports, productivity reports, daily/monthly reports, scheduling reports and patient reports which will be displayed on our built-in report viewer. Sample outputs for the Monthly report and the Unit Analysis report can be seen below:

Criterions Monthly Report Output
Criterions Unit Analysis Report Output

In addition to our built-in reports, Criterions PMS software is proud to offer flexible, customizable data exports for patient, claim, scheduling, and transaction information that allow users to create dynamic data outputs based on their changing needs. Users can select from a variety of filtering options and can choose exactly which fields to include in the output. For example, if you’d like to view your collected amounts for a designated date span, but want to filter based on a specific procedure code, diagnosis code, physician or insurance carrier, you can use the Claim Information export. Perhaps you’d like to see which of your patients had appointments for a particular appointment type in a certain location and you’d like to filter the results by age. You can utilize Criterions Scheduling Information export to generate this information.

With these powerful tools, the sky is the limit. Practices can create many of the reports they need on their own without requesting modifications to the existing, built-in reporting tools. The .csv output from these exports can be viewed in external programs such as Microsoft Excel, where advanced Excel users can perform further grouping and filtering to present data in a multitude of ways. Totals can be calculated based on any desired field, custom formulas can be applied, and various charting formats can be implemented to display the data graphically. With tools like this, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your data by presenting it in a way that will help you meet your practice’s changing needs.

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4 Reasons to Choose an Integrated EHR/PMS Solution

4 Reasons to Choose an Integrated EHR/PMS Solution

Adopting an Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Practice Management System (PMS) will provide many benefits to your practice. Often, practices use separate systems for their EHR and PMS needs; however, an integrated solution can enhance your team’s productivity. Why should your practice choose an integrated EHR/PMS solution? Here are 4 reasons:

1. Reduce Wasted Time

An integrated system reduces wasted time for providers and front office staff by allowing data to be shared between the EHR and PMS, which provides seamless coordination of business between departments. Users are able to input the data separately and access it individually, further reducing the risk of errors or duplicate entries.

2. Maximize Billing Revenue

Choosing an integrated solution helps you maximize billing revenue due to preset rules in the EHR/PMS that must be followed prior to submitting claims. An integrated system ensures accurate information is conveyed both ways, which is essential for claims processing. This reduces errors and ensures cleaner claims, which in turn generates higher revenues for the practice.

3. Master One System

Another important benefit to an integrated EHR/PMS solution is that your staff will only have one system to learn. Without an integrated solution, using multiple platforms for EHR and PMS leads to having to learn the nuances of two systems, and having to learn how to coordinate and share data between both systems. A fully integrated EHR/PMS system eliminates the need for the administrative resources that are necessary to manage multiple systems in a practice. This reduces the amount of time required to train staff on multiple systems and coordinate information flows between departments.

4. Save Money

Your practice will save money when bundling EHR and PMS systems. The cost of two systems, implementation, and training your team on multiple platforms can add up. By choosing an integrated system, your practice will save money immediately and in the long run.

An integrated EHR/PMS system provides a versatile and cost-effective solution to many practices.


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