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4 Benefits of Transitioning from Paper Records to Criterions EHR

4 Benefits of Transitioning from Paper Records to Criterions EHR

If you are using paper records to manage your practice, it may be time to consider transitioning to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. While cutting down on paper usage will help save trees and reduce clutter in your office, there are many other benefits that will increase productivity in your practice.

Just imagine a world where you are able to fax a lengthy HIPAA chart instead of printing it out and feeding it into a fax machine!

Criterions EHR software offers different functionalities that will allow your practice to use less paper while saving you time and money. Here are 4 features that will benefit your practice when transitioning from paper records to EHR:


The E-Faxing feature works with a third-party fax company to allow practices to not only fax charts, letters, and referrals directly from the software, but to also receive faxes electronically in the software. This reduces the need to utilize a fax machine, and as a result, your practice benefits by saving on the usage (and cost!) of paper. Faxes received in the software can be moved directly to a patient’s chart, and through the use of queues, will alert users who need to be notified when a fax is received. This eliminates the need for producing patient charts on paper.

Lab Interfaces

The Criterions EHR software integrates with most labs to allow users to send orders and receive results electronically. Orders will be sent directly to the lab, eliminating the need for offices to print requisition forms for patients. Results will go directly into the patient’s chart which will reduce the need to print from a separate lab software or receiving the results via fax. In addition, your practice will save time as there will be no need to scan results into the software.

Consent App

The Consent App (available on Android devices) will help reduce the use of paper sign-in sheets, HIPAA documents, and financial agreements, along with any other forms needed to grant consent from a patient. Once the patient arrives at your office, they will be able to enter their identifying information, sign in, and review and sign any forms required by the practice through the use of a tablet. The benefit of transitioning from paper documents to EHR software will not only increase productivity at your practice, but also improve the experience for your patients.

Patient Portal

Criterions Patient Portal allows patients access to their information online. Patients will have the ability to edit their demographic information, add their preferred pharmacy, and see upcoming appointments. Practices can also allow patients to see their visit summaries securely in the Patient Portal. This will benefit your practice by saving office administrators the time it would otherwise take to print summaries at a patient’s request.

Criterions EHR software provides many features that will benefit your practice when transitioning from paper records to EHR. For more information on the Criterions software or any of the features mentioned in this post, please feel free to contact us using the form below:

Video: Recall Management and Workflow

Are you interested in learning more about patient recall management in Criterions EHR software? Learn how to add recall reasons, set up a recall report, and use the report in your practice by watching the video below!

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Video: Introducing Criterions EHR

In this short, informative video, you will learn how Criterions EHR software can help you and your practice. We will discuss how you can:

• Increase time with patients
• Reduce paperwork
• Increase efficiency in the office
• Automatically fulfill regulatory requirements for MIPS

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4 Reasons to Choose an Integrated EHR/PMS Solution

4 Reasons to Choose an Integrated EHR/PMS Solution

Adopting an Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Practice Management System (PMS) will provide many benefits to your practice. Often, practices use separate systems for their EHR and PMS needs; however, an integrated solution can enhance your team’s productivity. Why should your practice choose an integrated EHR/PMS solution? Here are 4 reasons:

1. Reduce Wasted Time

An integrated system reduces wasted time for providers and front office staff by allowing data to be shared between the EHR and PMS, which provides seamless coordination of business between departments. Users are able to input the data separately and access it individually, further reducing the risk of errors or duplicate entries.

2. Maximize Billing Revenue

Choosing an integrated solution helps you maximize billing revenue due to preset rules in the EHR/PMS that must be followed prior to submitting claims. An integrated system ensures accurate information is conveyed both ways, which is essential for claims processing. This reduces errors and ensures cleaner claims, which in turn generates higher revenues for the practice.

3. Master One System

Another important benefit to an integrated EHR/PMS solution is that your staff will only have one system to learn. Without an integrated solution, using multiple platforms for EHR and PMS leads to having to learn the nuances of two systems, and having to learn how to coordinate and share data between both systems. A fully integrated EHR/PMS system eliminates the need for the administrative resources that are necessary to manage multiple systems in a practice. This reduces the amount of time required to train staff on multiple systems and coordinate information flows between departments.

4. Save Money

Your practice will save money when bundling EHR and PMS systems. The cost of two systems, implementation, and training your team on multiple platforms can add up. By choosing an integrated system, your practice will save money immediately and in the long run.

An integrated EHR/PMS system provides a versatile and cost-effective solution to many practices.


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The Right EHR Software for Today Grows with You Tomorrow

The Right EHR Software for Today Grows with You Tomorrow

Perhaps the greatest hurdle to adopting new Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) technologies is the fear of being locked into a system that doesn’t serve your organization’s needs. The fear of investing resources, effort and time, only to find that a solution doesn’t work as planned prevents many organizations from updating their systems for too long. Additionally, practices are often worried about the loss of productivity when transitioning to a new software due to the difficulty of learning the nuances of a new system.

Over the past 30 years, Criterions has worked to design products that grow with your practice and can be retailored over time to meet evolving needs. The Criterions EHR software system helps providers configure a solution that works for them based on the current needs of their practices.

Do you find yourself faced with any of the following concerns?

  • I want to keep handwriting parts of a note, but have my staff enter other parts
  • I want to switch from dictation to templates
  • I am planning to expand services that require new specialties that work in different ways
  • I want a scribe to enter information so I can interact with the patient

Criterions EHR software can create solutions to all these concerns and more. By configuring the system per user, we allow individuals to interact with the software in different ways. Staff can log in to enter histories and vitals through data templates, while a provider can incorporate handwriting capture throughout components of a patient’s visit, including handwriting on a digital copy of an existing paper form. Switching from one method to another can be done in phases, using multiple options of dictation, typing, handwriting and templates within one visit. The flexibility in documentation isn’t limited to users but can also vary from patient to patient.

Unlike other systems, our software does not lock you into one workflow. You will never be “stuck” into one configuration of the EHR software. We understand that the needs of your practice today may change tomorrow, and our software is ready to change with you.

Interested in learning more about our EHR software? Contact the Criterions team to schedule your free, custom demo today:

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