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We showed our customers tools in the EHR that will improve the functionality and streamline multiple processes with the use of automation to help your practice offer patients the best possible healthcare experience. 

This includes creating "order sets" to make an order entry convenient and
efficient, "copy visit forward" which allows you to pull historical data into a new exam- helping you to avoid selecting every element within that new exam (this saves you time with recording patient information!!), the "plan macro" tool which tracks the most frequently used treatment plans for particular diagnosis that can be applied to different patients,  and more! 

For Direct Messaging, FHIR API, and Bank of America Credit Card Processing, please contact our sales department at Sales@criterions.com 

To learn more about Order Sets, Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Health Maintenance, Plan Macro, Record Visit Macros, and Copy Visit Forward features and tools available to you now within the Criterions EHR, please contact our support team at Support@criterions.com 

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