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Apple Health Records on iPhone

Apple Health Records on iPhone

Enhancing Health Outcomes and Patient Engagement with Health Records on iPhone


We’re happy to provide our customers the opportunity to integrate Criterions software with Health Records on iPhones, giving your patients the ability to have their health data in the palm of their hands. By leveraging the power of modern technology and secure data management standards, this feature offers numerous benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and the overall efficiency of medical practices. Check out some of those benefits below!

Benefits for Patients:

  1. Easy Access to Personal Health Information:

Health Records on iPhone allows patients to access their medical records conveniently and securely from their devices. This easy access empowers patients to take an active role in their healthcare, reviewing their medical history, lab results, medications, and more at any time.

  1. Improved Health Outcomes:

Having ready access to health information enables patients to better understand their conditions and treatment plans. This understanding can lead to more informed decisions, improved adherence to medications, and proactive management of chronic diseases, ultimately improving health outcomes.

  1. Enhanced Communication with Providers:

When patients are well-informed about their health, they can have more productive conversations with their healthcare providers. They can ask relevant questions, understand recommendations better, and follow through with medical advice more effectively.


Benefits for Healthcare Providers and Practices:

  1. Efficient Information Sharing:

Health Records on iPhone uses the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard, which facilitates seamless and standardized sharing of health information between systems. This interoperability ensures that providers have up-to-date and comprehensive patient data, leading to more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

  1. Improved Patient Engagement:

Engaged patients are more likely to follow through with treatment plans and preventive care. Health Records on iPhone encourages this engagement by providing patients with a clear and comprehensive view of their health, fostering a collaborative approach to healthcare.

  1. Enhanced Practice Efficiency:

With Health Records on iPhone, administrative tasks related to patient information management are streamlined. This reduces the burden on healthcare staff, minimizes errors associated with manual data entry, and allows more time to be spent on direct patient care.


Embracing this technology represents a step forward in modern healthcare, making health management more accessible and effective for everyone involved. By providing secure, easy access to medical records, this feature enhances patient engagement, improves health outcomes, and increases the efficiency of medical practices.


For more information on how to set up your practice in the Apple Health Records app, you can fill out the form below or email info@criterions.com and we'll explain how!

2024 New Payment Engine

2024 New Payment Engine

Criterions is happy to announce our new 2024 payment engine! It's all dedicated to helping increase your revenue and grow your organization.

For more information or to have your questions answered, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Webinar: 2023 Texting Enhancements

In this webinar series, The Criterions Team showed the benefits of automatic texting appointment reminders and how that can save your staff time managing schedules and ultimately, increasing your practice's or business's revenue. 

With Criterions Texting Appointment Reminder Module, you can send messages to your patients in either English or Spanish! This webinar recording walks you through the set up process step-by-step on how to configure message language and how to customize what your patients will automatically receive. 

SMS Segments are estimated by volume of appointments per month. For an accurate quote on Texting Appointment Reminders, please email Sales@criterions.com

If you would like to see more on the SMS Segment Tool to help customize your messaging or to dive deeper into configuration, please fill out a form here for a demo. 

Webinar: Streamlining Clinical Workflow

We showed our customers tools in the EHR that will improve the functionality and streamline multiple processes with the use of automation to help your practice offer patients the best possible healthcare experience. 

This includes creating "order sets" to make an order entry convenient and
efficient, "copy visit forward" which allows you to pull historical data into a new exam- helping you to avoid selecting every element within that new exam (this saves you time with recording patient information!!), the "plan macro" tool which tracks the most frequently used treatment plans for particular diagnosis that can be applied to different patients,  and more! 

For Direct Messaging, FHIR API, and Bank of America Credit Card Processing, please contact our sales department at Sales@criterions.com 

To learn more about Order Sets, Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Health Maintenance, Plan Macro, Record Visit Macros, and Copy Visit Forward features and tools available to you now within the Criterions EHR, please contact our support team at Support@criterions.com 

Webinar: Criterions Patient Portal Benefits

In this webinar series, we dove deep into the Criterions patient portal and how it not only benefits your patients, but can also help lessen the workload for your office staff.

If you have questions of how to enable the Patient Portal and receive your unique portal URL, please email Support@criterions.com

For all other inquiries, please contact our Sales Department below or visit our Patient Portal page for more information.

Webinar: Criterions eFax Module & Lab Interface

Your practice must ensure that all Protected Health Information being sent and received is safe according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Criterions eFax Module & Lab Integration enhances compliance with privacy and security rules – including HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and state regulations which streamlines your reporting for meaningful use and audit.

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